Our Company Story

Founders Abe Franco AND Daniel Sharbani

We are childhood friends, family men, avid sports fans, and most important, pro-entrepreneur.

Growing up, we spent our summers working in small businesses, and today, both of our wives run businesses of their own. We understand the needs of small businesses—both the daily grind, and the need for funding to get where you want to go. We merged our talents, experience, and passion to create IRM Capital.

Abe Franco

Abe has been in the cash advance industry since 2007. He has personally originated over 500 million dollars in funding for small businesses and has a better than 75% customer return rate.

Daniel Sharbani

Daniel has trained hundreds of successful employees in the cash advance industry. As his clients can attest, Daniel is all about building long-lasting relationships while getting them the funding they need.

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